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A Boy and His Dog (1975)

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A Boy and His Dog
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A rather kinky tale of survival.

It’s not so much kinky as it is vicious.

The boy is Vic (Don Johnson) and the dog is Blood (voiced by Tim McIntire).  In a post apocalyptic world, the clever and telepathic Blood and young Vic struggle to survive.  Vic’s two goals are to find food and to find women.  Blood simply wants food.  Vic discovers a different kind of woman in Quilla (Susanne Benton) but she may prove more of a challenge than he anticipated.

Bad Movies.org says that it influenced the making of Road Warrior, and I can see that.  Everything is scrappy, dirty, derelict.  People are focused on survival and violence above all.  The world feels destroyed.  Even worse are the hints that people have mutated into dangerous and alien beings.

I must say that A Boy and His Dog is not a feminist film. In fact it’s pretty much anti-woman.  The only woman with any kind of strength in the movie reveals herself to be controlling and cruel.  It is not pleasant to watch how women are treated in the movie but at least it is overt misogyny unlike many Hollywood movies.

There is an interesting emphasis on literacy.  The dog teaches the boy how to read and prods him into reciting the presidents of the USA.

It is based on a novella by Harlan Ellison.  Different reports have him approving or disapproving of the result.  At least, it’s irreverent and scrappy, and surely some part of him approves.

Good movie but hard to take in spots.


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